Digital SMB Expo 5/16/2012
Ecommerce School Latest Tech 6/18/2013
Ecommerce School- Ecommerce 101 10/15/2013
Ecommerce School Advanced analytics for eCommerce 11/5/2013
Ecommerce School – Email Marketing 101 for eCommerce – November 2013 11/19/2013
Ecommerce School – Digital Marketing Measurement Model 12/3/2013
Ecommerce School – Google Analytics 101 2/4/2014
Ecommerce School: From Reporting Squirrels to Analysis Ninjas 2/18/2014
Ecommerce School: Re-Platforming Panel 4/1/2014
General Assembly – Atlanta 4/29/2014
Big Data Week Atlanta 5/6/2014
Ecommerce School: Video Marketing on a Budget 6/3/2014
Launching your Startup Website on a Budget by Yourself 6/4/2014
Digital/Ecommerce School: Web Analytics for Marketing and Business Executives 10/7/2014
Digital/Ecommerce School: Growth Hacking – 3P Marketing Strategy 10/21/2014
Digital/Ecommerce School: Launch your Startups Web Presence with WordPress on a Shoestring Budget 11/4/2014
Digital/Ecommerce School: Quick Tips for Using Digital Marketing this Holiday to give an extra boost to your eCommerce Store 11/18/2014
Digital/Ecommerce School: Digital Marketing Trends for 2015 (Get a leg up on Competitors) 12/16/2014
Digital/Ecommerce School: How to Create a Actionable Marketing Plan for 2015 1/6/2015
Digital/Ecommerce School: Q&A on Build a eCommerce Store in 30 days Program 1/20/2015
Digital School Atlanta: How to Find A Product To Sell online 3/3/2015
Digital School Atlanta: Evaluating Your Idea 3/17/2015
Digital School Atlanta: Spy on your competition without going to Jail 🙂 4/7/2015
Digital School: eCommerce SEO in 2015 5/5/2015
Digital School: Best Practice Leveraging Influencer Marketing Panel 6/2/2015
Digital School @ATDC: Crowdfunding for Non Marketers 7/21/2015
Digital School @ATDC: Social Media Advertising Demystified 8/4/2015
#VivaMiNegocio ATLANTA 2015 8/15/2015
Digital School @ATDC: How to Launch a eCommerce Email Marketing Program on a Budget 9/1/2015
Digital School @ATDC: Analytics for Startups 9/15/2015
Atlanta Digital School: Last Minute Digital Marketing Hacks to boost your sales during the holidays 11/17/2015
Digital School @ATDC: How to Launch a Brand Advocate Program in a week or less. 4/5/2016
Latino iConnect Atlanta 5/13/2017
Semana Nacional Del Emprendedor 2018 9/12/2018
E-Commerce Summit & Expo Mexico City 09/27/2018

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