Roger was my second supervisor at during my internship at Sideqik. Even though I joined the Marketing and Customer Success team about halfway through my time at the company, Roger worked to bring me up to speed quickly by providing me resources to learn the programs marketing used that business development did not. He believed in my ability to contribute to the company and customer experience and demonstrated such in my assignments.

Roger has an infectious passion for marketing, clients, and his coworkers. He pushes everyone to achieve and helps develop the interns on his team as young professionals. He makes time for each intern before they leave to review their long-terrm goals and LinkedIn profile. Roger is the kind of leader who wants to set everyone up for success but also wants to challenge them to grow and improve in their work; his dedication to his team and to the customer is admirable. I feel grateful for the opportunity to have worked under him and to have gotten to know him.

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